Why CallTel?

Five reasons CallTel should be your first call:

1. We solve your problems

Tell us your vision and we will make it happen. Need to screen calls more effectively? Looking for smart options to avoid those high long distance bills or connect remote workers? Or simply searching for a cost-effective solution to a troubling communications issue? Tap into our extensive telecom knowledge and pragmatic thinking to address any telecommunications dilemma – and hurdle any barriers holding back your business.

2. We do what we say we are going to do  

No missed or late appointments. No hidden charges. And no surprises in what we deliver – a dependable and redundant cloud-based telecom platform tailored to your business needs. Calltel is a trusted service partner who is there in-person when you need us – and who can be depended on to exceed your expectations for service and quality.

3. You will reap savings

No major IT investment required – and quick ROI realized. Our cost-efficient, cloud-based solutions can deliver savings of 30% off your monthly phone bill.

4. Get a fully customized solution

Small scale call centre, home office or a larger business with multiple branches – we connect it all. From personalized and scripted on-hold messages to custom call paths and conference bridges, we deliver a tailored solution to reflect your values/brand, meet customer needs and revitalize your business communications.

5. Gain valuable sales insights: 

Our unified solutions go beyond the call of duty (pun intended). You’ll be able to run detailed reports on call data to deepen customer and sales insights. Our solutions are more than just phones; they are a valuable data tool in your sales and market research arsenal.



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